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Revolution Semiconductor is a privately-held integrated circuit design services and intellectual property provider company located in Huissen, Netherlands.  Since 2010, we have been serving a diverse international client base for their analogue, radio frequency and digital integrated circuit design needs.

    Revolution Semiconductor is a privately held fabless semiconductor IC design company. We specialize in ultra low power analogue, radio frequency and sub-threshold digital integrated circuit design. The Revolution Semiconductor has already designed an EPC Gen-2 v1.2 and ISO-18000-6c standards compliant prototype passive UHF RFID transponder integrated circuit.

    Revolution Semiconductor provides a bespoke service solution for IC design and layout services to its diverse customer base. We specialise in:

    • Full-custom analogue, radio frequency and mixed-signal integrated circuit design.
    • RTL to GDSII digital integrated circuit design with a unique emphasis on subthreshold CMOS digital circuits.
    • Ultra-low power, energy harvesting IC intellectual property.

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