RF Energy Harvesting in the Era of IoT Devices is now available at YouTube.

A one hour webinar to Creating ubiquitous batteryless devices with ambient radio frequency energy harvesting featuring Dr Murat Eskiyerli is now available at YouTube.

According to a recent report from IDC, a prominent market research company, the global count of the connected devices will exceed 40 billion by 2025. Most of these devices will be what is now commonly called “Internet of Things” devices, i.e. low-power, almost always wireless connected tiny nodes. Most of these devices are and will be powered by a battery. Batteries are not trouble-free: they need to be replaced regularly and old batteries require special disposal procedure. On the other hand, ever-increasing mobile data traffic due to mobile phones and associated base stations present a unique opportunity to dispense with batteries and create almost maintenance-free internet of things nodes. This webinar will be focusing on the developments of this burgeoning technology and market that is attracting increasing research and investment. If you are interested in understanding of an exciting direction in the development of IoT technology, you should drop by in this webinar.

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