RVS101 UHF RFID IP licensed to Pi-Crystal

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RVS101, silicon-proven UHF RFID design, is licensed by Pi-Crystal, Tokyo. Japan. 

Revolution Semiconductor is proud to announce another licensee for its silicon-proven UHF RFID intellectual property. Pi-Crystal, Inc, a spin-off company from the University of Tokyo, has licensed RVS101 digital backend soft IP from Revolution Semiconductor in June 2018.

Pi-Crystal is a venture company developed at the University of Tokyo that aims to commercialize organic semiconductor integrated circuits that are flexible, small-volume, multi-product, and low-cost, with organic semiconductor single crystal technology as the core. Pie Crystal Co., Ltd. is developing RFID tags with sensors that use high-performance organic semiconductor technology. Responding to diversifying sensing needs by using organic semiconductors that can be produced in small quantities and in a wide variety of products for parts that require customization and in combination with silicon semiconductors.

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